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Event Theme Announced!


PostalVision 2020 has announced the theme for its April 3-5, 2018 event:  “Daring — Sharing — Caring”and early bird registration is NOW OPEN! 

Navigating a safe course from the traditional, well-defined and highly regulated 20th century global postal and delivery industry structure into the inchoate, unsettled and largely liberalized 21st century model is proving to be mighty tricky. The marketplace has gone topsy-turvy. Core mail products are facing challenges from digital alternatives and emerging as brand new integrated channels, while ecommerce-driven parcels may soon be guided by electronic sensors, autonomous drones and robots. The path to a sure footing is still unclear.

For seven years, PostalVision has been keeping its eye on this treacherous transformational journey in an earnest attempt to plot the industry’s most successful strategic trajectory. We have heard everything from provocative prognostications, cautioned by rational reticence, followed by unbridled entrepreneurial enthusiasm at our annual conferences! Meanwhile the rate of structural change seems only to be accelerating in response to growing consumer demands for having access to just about everything, just the way they choose.