How Data Drives Successful DM

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How Data Drives Successful DM
Direct Mail can be a powerful part of an integrated marketing campaign.

With Direct Mail, your business can:

• Determine the best audience for your message. Mail’s targetability lets you focus media dollars on those most likely to respond.
• Choose what to measure – from offers to creative elements. You can then use this data to improve effectiveness.
• Reach almost anyone – virtually every consumer has a mailing address and reads mail on his or her own time.
• Tailor each mailpiece. Today’s technologies permit highly personalized messaging, offers, and graphics.
• Tap into countless creative formats. Mail can touch literally every sense through product samples, QR Codes,® and more.
• Learn more about your customers by sending a survey or including questions on a reply card.
• Gain a high degree of financial flexibility. You can alter formats, quantities, and postage options to fit almost any budget.
• Decide on the depth of product detail. Mail is not limited to a 30-second TV spot – you can tell customers the complete story.
• Benefit from mail’s pass-along value. Recipients can share your communication with like-minded consumers.
• Get an extended shelf life for your message. Mail is frequently kept for future reference and use.
• Know your results. As a highly trackable medium, mail lets you monitor the impact and ROI of every initiative.
• Receive more focus. The average household receives only two pieces of Direct Mail a day compared to 157 e-mails.





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